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About Prukwarit


Welcome to the world of PRUKWARIT GROUP! As the major global manufacturer and exporter for medical care, hygiene, industrial safety, food processing etc areas with more than several decades experience, PRUKWARIT GROUP are uniquely capable and committed to quality, value and service excellence.

We, PRUKWARIT GROUP, are formed by two factories and one independent foreign trade company. Production capacity can reach to 100×40’HQ containers per month. All products comply with ISO manufacturing regulations and process (ISO9001, ISO13485) strictly, and conform to international standards such as CE, Nelson, Type 5&6, FDA registered, etc.

PRUKWARIT is the first factory started in 1993, which is majorly disposable medical products manufacturing plant – offering finest world-class quality products to meet the increasing needs coming from a variety of hospitals, clinics, patients, staffs, making solutions to them or any environmental problems that challenge the healthcare industry. It manufacturers a complete line of protective consumables from head to toe, consisting of face masks, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, lab coats, coveralls, scrubs, headwear, shoe/sleeve and boot covers, beddings etc. It covers a land of 75,000 square meters, around 450 workers, built as an industrial zone.

PRUKWARIT  NON-WOVEN PRODUCTS is the second factory established in 2009, covering a land of 15,000 square meters and included with a 5,000 square meters core clean-room, more than 350 workers which is firmly enhance the productivity of our PRUKWARIT GROUP. It is committed to providing the ultimate solutions in personal barrier protection & hygiene coming from the industrial, catering, farming areas. Workers need to be safe and comfortable and their employees need options with demands increased gradually. That’s why PRUKWARIT  NON-WOVEN PRODUCTS  constructed to offers a complete line of personal protective products, selected from coveralls, lab coats, jackets, smocks , protective gowns, aprons, caps and head/feet covers etc. It is aimed to meet the customer’s requirements for keeping workers safe from hazardous particulates, liquids and chemicals.

PRUKWARIT INTERNATIONAL  is functioned as our independent trading company, established in 2005 with an energetic and experienced sales team. The operation principle is gaining international recognition from worldwide customers to offer competitive out-sourced products and services to customers as needful in every aspect. With our quality basin product range, experienced sales and technical support teams, competitive sourcing channels, efficient dispatch systems, we have the ability to successfully supply our extensive product range and help customers to make concentrated purchase of what they need in consolidation.


We, PRUKWARIT GROUP are continuously keeping abreast of emerging technologies, safety equipments and novelty fabrics that provide reliable protection for the industrial and health care work force. Based on our experience, expertise and understanding of our customers’ requirements, we are devoting to make the world-class quality, appropriate and suitable for the purposes intended that provide value, safety and security. We, PRUKWARIT GROUP, are looking forward to cooperating with you for growing together.