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Medical Disposable Alcohol Pads

Brand : Warit

Product origin : Thailand

Delivery time : 7-21 days

Supply capacity : 100×40’HQ containers per month

*Alcohol pads are useful for cleaning minor cuts, bites, and other skin wounds. Cleaning cuts and other wounds will kill harmful bacteria that can cause infection.
*These pads are also used to prepare the skin for injections, such as for bee sting allergy pens. Before an injection is given, an area on the skin must be sterilized.
*Alcohol pads contain a solution of seventy percent isopropyl alcohol and water. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. (It’s also known by another name, isopropanol.)
*Isopropyl alcohol is also a colorless liquid, and it has a strong, distinct odor.
*It’s highly flammable, so it must be kept away from sparks and flames.


Medical Disposable Alcohol Pads

Product Details:

Fast Care Antiseptic 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swab, soaked with the disinfectant, isopropanol 70%. It is used for local skin disinfection and cleaning before injections.



1. Material Detail: Non-woven saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and Water

2. Size of wipe: Unfolded size:60*30mm;60*60mm.Folded Size:30*30mm.

3. Intended for single use only.

4. Quality Guarantee Period:3 years.


Packing & Delivery:


Delivery time:25 days after receipt of deposit payment

Shipping Port: Thailand


Sample Policy:

1. Sample according to your design drawing. Sampling time: 3-5days.

2. Design your own sample, then remake it.

3. Existing Samples Sampling time: 1day.

4. Make mass production after you confirm the sample.

Disposable Alcohol PadsMedical Alcohol Pads