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Outdoors Disposable Emergency Blanket

Product : Outdoors Disposable Emergency Blanket

Brand : Warit

Product origin : Thailand

Delivery time : 7-21 days

Supply capacity : 100×40’HQ containers per month

The survival blanket can be folded to a palm sized, but wrap up your whole body after opening up. The color is silver, which is excellent on heat preservation and reflection of light. The item can prevent 90% of your body heating from losing in cold days. Therefore, you will save considerable physical strength and can be easily found by rescue personnel at night. In addition, it is strong and waterproof, which has a good effect on raining days. While you are in sleeping bag, plus a survival blanket to keep enough heat to insure a good sleep.
The item is an international essential for emergency rescue, suitable for filed exploration, tourism, disaster occurred with the advantages of easy to take, compact, beautiful, and practical.

Using occasion:
1.This emergency blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold.
2.It’s made from mylar, extremely lightweight, flexible. It can retain up to 90% body heat in cold weather.
3.It even deflects heat in hot climates and can be used to offset hypothermic reactions.
4.It’s perfect for camping trips and sporting events in addition to emergencies.
5.Keep several on hand for the unexpected!
6.Destroy after use, for single use.
7.Reduce shock, simply wrap around total body leaving face uncovered!


Outdoors Disposable Emergency Blanket

1. Sunscreen

Under the hot sun, the latest emergency blanket draped over his body to protect the body to avoid direct sunlight.


2.Keep warm


When cold weather hit in the field, the emergency blanket wrapped the body can absorb and reduce the temperature of the body heat loss.


3. Reflective


When the wild were killed, the latest emergency blanket around him, can use its reflective role in helping rescue workers to find the target


4. Stretcher


Emergency blanket good toughness, light, soft, malleable and can be used as a stretcher. 200-pound man lying down on the unfolding emergency blanket, while six picked up the corners and edges of the intermediate blanket emergency blanket, unbreakable! Of course, this is only a temporary measure stretcher short distance use. Note that when using synchronous operation, otherwise it will easily tear, falls sick and wounded.




When latest emergency blanket will be used by the repair of cars, in order to avoid grease and spread out on the ground staff to operate in a clean case.

Outdoors Disposable Emergency BlanketEmergency BlanketOutdoors Disposable Emergency Blanket