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UFR105 Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer


Non-contact , Clinically validated

Measure your forehead/Surface/Room Temp.

Instant measurement in 1~2 seconds

3 Color backlight indicate fever alarm

99 memories capacity

C / F convertible



Device name Infrared Thermometer (Non-contact type)
Model UFR105
Measurement mode Non-contact forehead measurement mode(Adjusted)
Measurement site Forehead
Measurement distance 1-3cm (0.4in – 1.18in)
Power supply d.c.3V, 2X1.5V AAA (LR03) batteries
Measuring range for body: 32.0-43.0℃ (89.6℉~109.4℉)
Measuring range for object: 0-100℃ (32℉~212℉)
Measuring accuracy:

(At laboratory conditions)

±0.2℃/0.4℉ during 35. 5℃ -42.0℃(95.0℉-107.6℉);

±0.3℃/0.5℉ during 32.0℃ -35.4℃(89.6℉-95.7℉) and 42.1℃ -43.0℃(107.8℉-109.4℉)

Clinical repeatability: within ±0.3℃
Resolution of display 0.1℃/0.1℉
Operation condition 10-40℃(50 ℉-104 ℉ ), Relative humidity ≤Rh95%, 70-106KPa
Storage condition -25-55℃(-13 ℉-131.0 ℉ ), Relative humidity ≤Rh95%, 70-106KPa
Size 161*42*30mm
Weight about 79g (without batteries)
High body temperature hint ≧38.0℃(100.4℉)
Grade of waterproof IP22
Electric shock Internally powered ME equipment
Applied part Type BF applied part, including the whole unit
Mode of operation Continuous operation
Battery life ≧ 1000 times
Product life 2 years
Software version V1.0